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development of his distinctive gifts in the service
of mankind, that he should have easy access to
information upon all matters of common know-
ledge throughout his life and enjoy the
utmost freedom of discussion, association and
" (3) That he may engage freely in any lawful
occupation, earning such pay as the need for his
work and the increment it makes to the common
welfare may justify. That he is entitled to paid
employment and to a free choice whenever
there is any variety of employment open to him.
He may suggest employment for himself and
have his claim publicly considered, accepted or
" (4) That he shall have the right to buy
or sell without any discriminatory restrictions
anything which may be lawfully bought or
sold, in such quantities and with such reserv-
ations as are compatible with the common
(Here I will interpolate a comment. We have
to bear in mind that in a collectivist state buying
and selling to secure income and profit will be
not simply needless but impossible. The Stock
Exchange, after its career of four-hundred-odd-
years, will necessarily vajaish with the disappear-
ance of aliy rational motive either for large